Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama
Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama
Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama
Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama
Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama
Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold - Daniyama

Obsidian & Tiger Eye Grand Bracelet in Gold


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• 12 mm Tiger Eye
• 12 mm Obsidian Black 
• Daniyama Logo Bead (Solid 925 silver - 24K Gold Vermeil)
• Weight approx. 1.50 oz (42 g)
• Comes in our Exclusive Daniyama Jewelry Box

Spiritual Attributes

Strength • Courage • Clarity • Healing • Passion

Behind the Design

Hidden Tiger embraces the golden feeling of the Tiger's Eye and side by side with the Dark Obsidian, they not only stand out on your write but also embeds a powerful spiritual purpose. 

Tiger Eye, Golden, is one of the most sought-after spiritual gemstones as it is said to project Strength, Courage, and Clarity to the person who wears it. It is a part of the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras and helps make you invisible to negative energy sources and creates a focus on one's true path. In Feng Shui, it is the Yang in nature - the energy of heat, action, passion, emotion, ideas, and sex.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass and in its natural color, you can see uniquely shines. It is believed to reveal an awareness of negative karma to clear and heal it. It centers and grounds the Spirit into the physical body state. 

This bracelet is strung on a durable high-resilience stretchy elastic silicone strand that easily slips on your wrist. 

Not one is the same

You are about to purchase a unique bracelet. Each stone and bead are particular. Handmade and with natural raw shapes and finishes. It will look similar to the photo but it will never be the same. Each is extraordinary and unique for you to wear. Enjoy!


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To polish your jewelry, we recommend that you use a polish cloth. Every Daniyama Jewelry purchase comes with a special jewelry cloth. It will not remove scratches.

To clean your jewelry, add a little mild soap to lukewarm water and use a soft toothbrush to brush gently and clean your jewelry. If it is hard to remove, then soak the jewelry for 5-10 minutes and try again. Be extra careful if you handle 24K Gold jewelry, as this is a particularly soft metal.

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To ensure a high quality of luxurious jewelry, we use a rich 24K (99.9% / 999) and 18K (75% / 750) Yellow Gold Vermeil plating. Please note that the 24K is a soft metal, so it requires extra good care.

Our 18K Rose Gold is an elegant blend of 75% Gold, Silver, and Copper. This unique combination and the rose plating is what brings out the beautiful Rose Gold finish with a touch of pink.

We use 14K (558) Gold in our solid gold pieces because of its higher mixture of Silver and Copper. It is 55.8% Gold and therefore an ideal hardened gold metal to use in solid gold jewelry.

Take extra good care of gold products as they are more exposed to the elements and wear and tear. It will however also contribute to giving your jewelry a personal history and more vintage appeal.

We want to make sure that our gold pieces last you a long time and this means adding more layers of gold than what you would normally see in the jewelry industry. Typical industry plating is 0.1-0.5 microns, and this would only last about one year of good use before wearing off.

Our primary plating is 2.5-3.5 micron, also know as VERMEIL. It is a higher quality gold coverage on a Silver base metal. This is at least five times more than the norm.

When we do regular plating, we keep it at a minimum of 1.0 microns. This is the case for both 925 Sterling Silver plating as well as Gold.

We believe in transparency, so you can always see what the plating is on our jewelry.

The darkened appearance of oxidized silver gives jewelry a vintage look through a special surface treatment. It’s not recommended to use silver polish and other cleaning agents as they may cause the oxidation to fade. Oxidation disappears over time, just as plating does, but the sterling silver keeps it raw finish. This fading is considered normal wear and tear and not a defect.

All of the stones in our assortment includes high-quality gemstones sourced from around the World. Each stone and bead are different. Handmade and with natural raw shapes and finishes. It will look similar to the photo, but each is different and unique for you to wear.

We use a range of different metals to achieve the best possible piece of jewelry for you to enjoy. Sterling silver, copper, brass and gold are the primary components used in our designs. You can always find the full details of how we made your jewelry on its the product page.