Inspired by Old Norse Legends & Culture

Cultures shape Empires and even in our modern age today, we find deep roots in 
our way of living and dressing, that dates back to the time of Legends and Sagas.

The Daniyama "Viking x Legends" necklace embrace the very core of the old
Norse mythology of Asatru belief - the time of the Vikings.

Strength, Honor and Family.

"Better to fight and fall, than to live without hope."

The Design

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With our "Viking x Legends" necklace you can embrace a part of the history and culture of the Norse Vikings. Each rune represents a spiritual element of the Asatru culture that focused on strength, honor and family.

Crafted into a spiritual pendant with a modern touch.

Odal (Heritage & Family) • Ihwar (Protector) • Algiz (Elk & Protection) • Gyfu (Commitment & Partner) • Ur (Ox, Stamina & Strength) • Tiwas (Warrior, Honour & Sacrifice)

The two dragons, Fáfnir and Jǫrmungandr (‘great beast’), from Norse mythology are circling the World on the side of the pendant. Dragons represent either a non-chaotic force of change (ending and new beginnings), or a purge of the wickedness found in men’s hearts.

The tale of Fáfnir is believed to be a big part of the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel ‘The Hobbit’ from 1937. Fáfnir was slain by the legendary Danish king Frode I (or Frotho I in English) as accounted in Saxo Grammaticus’ 12th century Gesta Danorum.


Recently I purchased the Viking Legends Necklace and was very impressed with the workmanship that has gone into making the item. The size is just right and the chain is sturdy. The design is the first I have ever seen that suits my demeanour and life style. Thanks for producing such a very nice piece of jewelry.

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Craig W. (Australia)

I have just received an amazing necklace for my husband and I'm truly amazed about this ! It's so beautiful and fits a man great because of the size and feel of it ! Amazing! It's the perfect Christmas present 😍

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Maja L. (Denmark)