Our Story

We set out to create a high-end jewelry & fashion brand that challenges the traditional business model and mindset. You can get a timeless and premium quality jewelry without breaking the bank. Channeling the compassionate spirit of the brand, Daniyama also gives back to people and animals in need. Showing that you can wear your passion for changing the world.



Founded in 2016, by two design enthusiasts from Denmark (Bruno Langholm & Henrik Feld-Jakobsen) with a dream of making a great design brand that had a profound purpose of helping others through charity.

Bruno has worked in the high-end design industry for many years, so the passion for design is a big part of his life. After traveling the world and seeing so much of humanity get lost in selfishness, he knew that his dream of creating jewelry had to be combined with a purpose of helping others.

He started working on bracelet and watch designs and it didn’t take long before all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. Acting on this, Bruno invested all of his savings into the dream and after partnering up with his longtime friend Henrik, things started to take shape.

Henrik built his own company from scratch up to where it was sold to a large international partner. Here he brought years of webshop and distribution experience from servicing some of the world’s largest design brands. Adding this to his keen eye for timeless design, the partnership formed.

With great support from our family and friends, we then started our adventure. An adventure that brought you to our site and we are very excited to keep working towards the dream.