When culture and purpose merge in a name



Da - ni - ya - ma

That is how we say it and here is how we created the word


"Dani" (or Dāni) was one of many names for the Danish Vikings in the 8-10th century A.D., and has it's roots in old Viking stories from the Anglo-Saxons today known as the United Kingdom. Other names for the Anglo-Scandinavian Vikings were Dánové, Dana, Dane, Jute, Gothones, Swedes or Daani.

We wanted to use something from our own early danish culture, that is simple and yet descriptive to the "Danes" we are today. We use the "dāni" version in our logo, to give it some visual character, where the simple prenounciation is "dani'. 


We believed strongly in giving back and the power of positivity and wanted this reflected in our name as well. We turned to the well-known “Niyamas” of Hinduism and Buddhism, that literally means positive duties and observances. Most Western people are familiar with Yoga, but might not realize that the Niyamas are a part of this as well.

The fourth of the Ten Niyamas is called “Dāna” and stands for generosity, charity, sharing with others. Not only did that fit perfectly, but the word “Dana” is also one of the old names for Danes. It felt like the perfect match. Merging these two ancient cultures into what we are today. Daniyama.


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