Thank you for a fantastic first year!

Daniyama Jewelry Celebrates its first Anniversary

Today we can look back at our first year in the jewelry industry with a big smile, and it is all because of great people like you.

Together we started something incredible. Combining a passion for fashion and jewelry with doing something great for others.  

We are helping 118 people get clean drinking water for one year, planting 591 trees and we help rescue 20 animals and give them hope for a better home. All because you bought 65 of our jewelry pieces.

We could not wish for a better birthday present! It is a dream come true.

Now, you might think that 65 sold pieces don’t sound like much, but for us, it is much more than what we even hoped to sell. Having just a little success with a new business in one of the most competitive industries is no easy task. Before we started, people in the industry told us, that we shouldn’t expect sales for the first year or two. If we did get sales, it would be no more than one or two handfuls. 

That is why 65 is something to celebrate.

It all started with a few minimalistic bracelets for men, that quickly became jewelry for women as well. It didn’t take long before we ventured into our first necklace design for women, our first cuff with Viking inspiration and more is coming.

As any new brand, we have had to adapt and learn along the way, and that is one of the beautiful things by having a brand where we talk and listen to our customers. It helps us keep our core ethos on point to handcraft quality jewelry with stories that benefit humans, nature, and animals in need.

Getting more into communicating, blogs and showing who we are is something we will do more of, as we are slowly moving out of our “startup” period. Most of our time up until now has been to focus on products, website, accounting, emails, and setting everything up.

Needless to say, that we are VERY excited to see where this journey will take us, and how many more charity causes we will be able to help, together with you.

As part of our birthday celebration, we are proud to raise our service to an even higher level by offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products bought after July 1, 2018.

Also, if you signed up for our newsletter before this announcement was released, then you have a “thank you” promotion waiting for you. You will also be one of the first to know more about the new items we are launching later this year.

Thank you again for all your support, your social media shares, recommendations to friends and Family and for being a part of this journey.

Henrik & Bruno